Cold Planing

Cold Planing

Cold planing is the controlled cold milling of pavement to restore the surface to a specified profile. Bumps, ruts, and other surface irregularities are removed, leaving a uniform textured surface.

Cold planing equipment is available to fit the requirements of almost all types of cold milling production, from smaller utility work to full lane applications. Most of these machines are or can be equipped for self-loading. All have proven their dependability, capability, and versatility. With the development of carbide tip cutting tools for the range of milling operations, contractors have devised effective technological advances to make cold planing an economical option for road rehabilitation.

Among the benefits of cold planing are:

  • Improved pavement profiles and cross sections;
  • Restored drainage flow and curb reveal;
  • Textured surface for skid control and improved bonding;
  • Minimum traffic interruption;
  • Reclaimed material for future use; and
  • Lowered cost, extending the maintenance budget to provide more miles of pavement rehabilitation.

The cold planing “community” of ARRA is willing to assist federal, state, and municipal agencies in developing programs and technology to achieve these benefits.

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