ARRA 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Strategy 1: Clearly define ARRA’s value proposition to retain existing members and attract new members.


1. Develop a video demonstrating ARRA’s value proposition by the end of 2017.

2. Identify real member concerns to help ARRA deliver value to members.

3. Beginning with 2017 Semi Annual meeting, videotape as many presentations as possible at each ARRA meeting.

4. Create ARRA prospect list and identify top 20 prospects to focus on by end of 2017. 

5. Communicate ARRA’s value proposition to members and prospects at least monthly in 2018. 

6. Create a member drive to increase the number of contractor member companies by 20% in 2018.  


Strategy 2: Become the education leader in the recycling and reclaiming industry.


1. By the end of 2017, develop one course to educate agencies/customers on one application.

2. Create a certification program for operators by December, 2018.

3. Develop discipline presentations to educate agencies and customers about each discipline.

4. Create an ARRA Annual Workshop to educate all industry stakeholders beginning in 2019.

5. Create a list of industry associations to consider participating with.

6. Create process and policy for ARRA’s members to represent ARRA at industry meetings.

7. Identify topics and develop a plan to produce a minimum of four webinars in 2018.

8. Clearly define Regional seminar plans including rules for hosting, marketing, number to be held annually, etc.

9. Create a Certification Task Force to develop a certification program for operators and agency quality assurance inspectors with proposal to Board by Fall, 2018.


Strategy 3: Be perceived as the go to place to answer agency/contractor questions and concerns regarding recycling and reclaiming.


1. Create a process for responding to industry inquiries by the end of 2017.

2. Optimize ARRA’s website for web searches with the goal of getting ARRA to page one search results in 2018.

3. Find and include at least 20 relevant technical papers on ARRA’s website by the end of 2017.

4. Complete ARRA’s contribution to the Synergy Project Phase 2 by the end of 2017.

5. Redesign ARRA’s website in 2017 to make resources easily findable and available.

6. By the end of 2017, finalize all guidelines and publish on ARRA’s website.

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