Supplier Member Policy

Supplier Member Policies

  1. Annual Meetings will continue to offer tabletop displays to Members.
  2. Tables will be limited to one per Member and must be manned by a representative of the member company;
  3. All display material, samples and video equipment must be confined to the tabletop;
  4. Displays will be allowed to be set up during the entire meeting and if at all possible room for the displays should be in the main registration area or in the rear of the meeting room.
  5. Hand-outs of product literature are permitted and encouraged in the display area only;
  6. Giveaway and premium items such as hats, calendars, letter openers and prizes, etc., are strictly prohibited;
  7. Hospitality suites, equipment displays and equipment demonstrations are strictly prohibited;
  8. There will be no company advertising at the meeting site from one day before the meeting, during the meeting, and through one day after the meeting; and
  9. General session and committee meeting presentations will focus on the topic-application and will not be a sales presentation of the presenter’s product line.
  10. ARRA strictly prohibits the audio and/or video recording of any and all sessions at any ARRA meeting, seminar, or conference without authorization by the ARRA Board of Directors.

NOTE: Items 1 through 5 apply to the Annual Meeting; there are no tabletop displays at the Semi-Annual Meeting, but in the event of special occasions that it is determined displays are an option for Semi – Annual Meeting – Item 1 through 5 would apply.

Approved ARRA 10th Annual Meeting, March 1986
Revised ARRA 11th Annual Meeting, March 1987
Revised ARRA 17th Annual Meeting, February 1993
Revised ARRA Semi-Annual Meeting, October 1999
Revised ARRA 27th Annual Meeting, February 2003
Revised ARRA 40th Annual Meeting, February 2016

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