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ARRA Special Recognition Award Winners Honored at Annual Meeting

Thursday, February 28, 2019  
Posted by: Kristi Olson
    Jason Wielinski, Heritage Research Group, and Jonathan Pease, Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, accept the Award for Excellence in Full-Depth Reclamation from ARRA President Darren Coughlin on behalf of Lake County Highway Department County Engineer Duane Alverson. Photo courtesy FP2.
John Danello, Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming, accepts the Special Recognition Award for Hot In-Place Recycling on behalf of Town of Winchester, CT, Director of Public Works Jim Rollins whom he nominated for the award. Photo courtesy FP2.    
    Nominator Jonathan Pease, Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, accepts the Award for Excellence in Soil Stabilization on behalf of Cass County, ND, Highway Department Deputy County Engineer Tom Soucy. Photo courtesy FP2.

Four Special Recognition awardees were recognized last week during the 2019 Annual Meeting. Winners in the categories of Full-Depth Reclamation, Soil Stabilization, Hot In-Place Recycling, and Cold Recycling were all honored during the Recognition Dinner.

The recipient of this year’s Charles R. Valentine Award for Excellence in Cold Recycling was Brian Diefenderfer, Associate Principal Research Scientist with the Virginia Transportation Research Council.  He has led the efforts for Virginia’s I-81 In-Place Recycling Project, which incorporated cold planing, cold recycling, both in-place and cold central plant, and full-depth reclamation. He was instrumental in VDOT’s construction of three test sections at the NCAT test track which incorporated both CCPR and FDR. He has also participated in revising the use guidelines for cold recycled materials in VDOT’s Materials Division Manual of Instructors for Pavement Design. Brian will be presented with his plaque in June at the Virginia Pavement Research & Innovation Symposium.

The 2019 Award for Excellence in Soil Stabilization went to Tom Soucy, Deputy County Engineer for the Cass County, ND, Highway Department.  Jonathan Pease, ARRA Vice President, partnered with Tom in the presentation of the ARRA regional seminars in North Dakota. Soucy has helped advance the use of soil stabilization both in his county and throughout the midwest.  Since 2012, Cass County, North Dakota, has completed more than 1.4 million square yards of soil stabilization, with more than half a million square yards in 2017 alone.  Over the year, Cass County has continued to improve its soil stabilization specification and partner with our industry to provide a more consistent, higher-performing stabilized layer. In 2016, Cass County hosted one of two regional ARRA In-Place Recycling & Reclaiming Seminars, leading to the development of several in-place recycling projects in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.  In 2017, Soucy also presented on soil stabilization at another regional seminar in Dickinson, North Dakota. 

Next, ARRA recognized Duane Alverson, County Engineer, Lake County Highway Department, as the recipient of the 2019 ARRA Award for Excellence in Full-Depth Reclamation. After attending an LTAP conference and seeing  a presentation on full-depth reclamation, Alverson was motivated to try adding emulsified asphalt for their next FDR project.  The Clay Street project stretches 3.2 miles and reclaims more than 45,000 square yards of existing asphalt and aggregate base.  Implementing FDR with asphalt emulsion is estimated to cost the same as their previous technique of crushing, shaping, and overlaying but will not require them to raise the elevation of their existing road. 

The final special recognition award went to Jim Rollins, Director of the Department of Public Works in the town of Winchester, Connecticut, as the winner of the 2019 Award for Excellence in Hot In-Place Recycling. Rollins took a common sense and aggressive approach to learning about hot in-place recycling and other ARRA recycling methods, visiting many job sites across Connecticut and speaking to engineers and other public works officials to see what methods would work best in his town.  In July of 2018, Rollins partnered with Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming to start a 68,000 square yard hot in-place recycling project for the town of Winchester, Connecticut. In addition, he covered the HIR with Chip Seal to further recognize the benefits of pavement preservation products.  He spoke to other towns and municipalities and continues to promote all disciplines of recycling through the state. 

Our sincere congratulations to all of this year's recipients.

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