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ARRA Board Reviews Progress and Makes Plans for 2019

Wednesday, October 31, 2018  
Posted by: Ali Mostardo

As part of the 2018 Semi-Annual Meeting, the ARRA Board of Directors met on October 15 in Norfolk, Virginia to review 2018 activities to date, check in on progress toward meeting goals identified through the strategic plan developed in 2017, and discuss plans for 2019. 


As part of the management report, Executive Director Kristi Olson shared the Semi-Annual Meeting had an all-time high pre-registration of 185.  In addition, ARRA membership has grown, with increased retention of renewing members and 14 new members joining in the last year.


ARRA Treasurer Jonathan Pease shared the year-to-date finances with the Board, noting that ARRA is financially healthy and overall projections are showing that the association will end the year better than budgeted.  Pease presented a draft 2019 budget which was subsequently approved by the Board.


Affiliate Member Committee Chair Stephanie Drain, Government Relations Committee Chair John Rathbun, and Cold Planing Committee Chair Bryan Ray each joined the meeting to share updates on committee activities.  Roger Faulkner, Executive Director of ARRA member Southeast Cement Promotion Association, also visited the meeting to thank ARRA for its support and shared information on their upcoming Full-Depth Reclamation Symposium, scheduled for April 24-25, 2019, in Greensboro, NC.


Turning to the strategic plan, Vice President Eric Baker shared progress on the first strategy – Clearly define ARRA’s value proposition to retain existing members and attracts new members – noting that the ARRA Membership brochure had been completed and that the ARRA member-get-a-member program had been launched and will be promoted during the Semi-Annual Meeting.


The Board discussed efforts toward the second strategy - Becoming an education leader in the recycling and reclaiming industry.  Topics for several additional webinars and a plan to complete standard discipline presentations by the 2019 Annual Meeting were discussed.  The Board recognized the need to update goals for the final strategy – Be perceived as the go to place to answer agency/contractor questions and concerns regarding recycling and reclaiming – and plan to brainstorm new goals at their next meeting.


Of note, the Board agreed to propose a revision to the ARRA Bylaws, adding in a new Dealer member category for any dealer that represents a current ARRA Supplier member.  This bylaw change was subsequently approved during the Business Meeting on October 16 at the Semi-Annual Meeting.  The Dealer membership category will be available for new members immediately and will qualify for ARRA member-get-a-member program rewards.  Dues for this category will be $350 annually.


Finally, the Board discussed locations for the 2019 Semi-Annual Meeting, with the top options being identified as San Jose, California; South Carolina; and Austin, Texas. ARRA members are encouraged to submit additional suggestions.


The Board will next meet in February during the 2019 Annual Meeting in Cancun, Mexico.


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