Successful Steps to Producing a Seminar and/or Promotion Presentation
The following is a template designed to get you started on how to construct a successful seminar. Not everything will be necessary based on your venue, but none-the-less should be considered.

  1. What need are you trying to fill?
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. What’s your message?
  4. Who will receive it?
  5. What’s your timeline?
  6. Budget
        1. Target Registration Income – how many registrants & cost per registrant.
        2. Fixed
        3. Variable
  7. Program Development
        1. Speakers
        2. Presentations – Hot Topics/ How To
        3. Length & Time of Program
        4. Flow of Presentations
  8. Hotel or other Meeting Venue
        1. Food & Beverage
        2. Audio-visual Needs (what are speaker needs for presenting? PowerPoint?)
        3. Room Set-up and everything in it.
  9. Printing materials
        1. Preliminary Program and Registration Information
        2. On-Site Program
        3. Speaker Notes & Handouts
        4. Presentations
        5. Signs
 10. Getting the word out
        1. Website
        2. Newsletters
        3. Email
        4. Phone Calls
 11. Registration Database & Roll Call:
        1. Name, Company, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Payment Information
 12. On-Site Considerations

ARRA Headquarters staff is available to you for any questions.
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