ARRA Regional Seminars

ARRA is prepared to help you spread the word about the benefits of Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming through our Seminars. These are typically one day Seminars to cover all of the ARRA disciplines. Alternatively, these can be two day Seminars with a live demonstration of the ARRA disciplines

ARRA will work to coordinate the Seminar and provide plenty of support, but we still need local Members to help us customize the Seminar for the local audience.

Hard Facts
Each Seminar will cost in excess of $10,000. This covers time, promotion, preparation, shipping, publications, room, projectors, food & beverage, printing, etc.

To defray costs, you can:

Partner with a Host or Affiliate Sponsor
Many groups hold annual asphalt conferences or provide regular training to their constituents. ARRA can partner with Universities, Technology Transfer and LTAP Centers, internal DOT Training Departments, APWA Chapter, Local Roads Program, or any other group which can provide a facility, mailing list, etc. The partner will advertise the Seminar, secure a venue, AV, food and beverage. ARRA supplies the speakers.

We can provide the entire technical program, or an additional technical track for a group that has regularly scheduled meetings like a County Engineer’s Association.

Charge a registration fee for attendees.

ARRA Staff can help you budget accordingly. As the price goes up, the attendance will go down. This is a decision that will have to be made by local Members who are familiar with similar seminars in their area.

Member Sponsorship
We ask Members who will benefit from having a different voice tell the same story to sponsor the Seminar. Sponsors will be noted during the Seminar presentation, by placard, and by listing in the newsletter.

ARRA can work with combinations of the above.

The DOT can provide the facilities and put people in the seats. We supply the speakers and publication packs.

We provide the speakers for a separate Pavement Recycling track at the State County Engineers Annual Meeting. The administration is done by the CE association, ARRA acts as a speaker’s bureau.

Other combinations can be determined by creativity and the local knowledge of the Members.

What We Need to Bring an ARRA Seminar to You
The local ARRA Members need to get together and formulate a plan.

Find a Partner or Host

If you work with different groups within your state, suggest having ARRA provide the speakers for their next annual meeting. Contact the local LTAP Center. They are specifically charged with training. Get in touch with the DOT. Most have several annual training opportunities for department personnel. Other organizations have regular meetings and need quality presentations. Find a Champion and help them.

Decide on a Date
In our industry, everyone holds conventions and conferences in the off-season. There may be competition for specific dates. Also be aware of other conferences or seminars in your area. It can be difficult for people to attend 2 seminars in the same week. If ARRA will host a stand-alone Seminar, we need about 60 days to advertise AFTER everything is in place.

Select a City
Outsiders will always assume that the State Capitol will be the best place to hold the Seminar. You may know better.

Make an Agency Speaker List

Is there a County or City Engineer who “gets it”? Can they describe how they put together a beneficial program to their peers? A few of these people can really make an impact.

Gather your Mailing Lists
These Seminars are of no value if we don’t get the right people to attend. Go through your mailing lists and get them ready. We can work with other groups to include Seminar notices and links in their newsletters. Make sure the right people at DOT receive registration information.

Put Together Case Studies
Be ready to speak as an industry expert. Our feedback on Seminars to date has been extremely positive. What people are asking for is MORE – More nuts and bolts information that they can put to use the next morning. Such as:

    How to choose the proper recycling technique
    Testing and QA practices
    Cost comparisons
    Case studies of roads that look like their roads (local and recognizable)

What we are NOT looking for are sales pitches. Those should be left for another time.

Follow Up
These seminars can create a good amount of momentum for recycling. But don’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Commit to calling on key contacts who attended the Seminar. Make sure they have all of their questions answered. Offer to help them with project selection.

Ask for Help
If you have any questions about a Seminar in your area, contact ARRA staff here.

Click here for successful steps for producing an ARRA Seminar.

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