Establishment of New Technical Committees

The Board of Directors of the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) shall establish a technical committee for a new technical discipline in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.   The technical discipline must fall within the scope of the ARRA charter, bylaws, and policies.

2.   The technical discipline must be a proven technology or a new technology based upon sound engineering principles.

3.   A written definition of the technical discipline must be submitted to the Board by ten (10) ARRA members who are actively engaged in said discipline.  This minimum of ten shall be composed of Regular and Associate members in good standing, of which at least six (6) must be Regular members.  Such submission shall constitute an application for probationary technical committee status.

4.   Upon acceptance of said application, the Board shall grant the applicants probationary technical committee status.

5.   Throughout the probationary period, the above-mentioned membership requirements must be maintained or said application shall be revoked.

6.   The applicants must submit an approved draft of a guideline specification to the Board within twelve (12) months of being granted probationary status.

7.   Upon Board approval of the guideline specification, the applicant shall be granted standing technical committee status with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges thereof.


Approved by ARRA Board of Directors, February 27, 1988

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